Q&A – Booka Brass

‘We once played Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ while Richard Branson drove in on a Virgin Media truck That was pretty weird.

We caught up with Jack Marks, sousaphone player with Booka Brass ahead of their performance on the Other Voices stage at Electric Picnic.  Jack spoke to us about the group’s forthcoming debut album Chilled Milk and plans for Electric Picnic 2016.

When did you first get inspired to play brass?


all have different stories of how we got into the instruments we play.  Personally, I grew up in a musical household, however unlike some of my siblings, I did NOT take well to the violin or piano (which we all started on).  Then at age 10 I was taken to an open day at the Cork School of Music and was instantly gripped by the trombone. However, as I had not yet had my growth spurt, my arms were too short to play trombone. Instead, my teacher put me on euphonium (a small-tuba essentially) and a few years later I switched to tuba. Then when we started the band, I invested in a battered second-hand sousaphone and haven’t looked back.’ …

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